This is a unhappy Felix, who is raised about one and a half meter over the ground and who hates it to be raised
(Picture by Peter Hotter, April 2000)

This is a happy Felix, who likes nothing more than running with skiing people.
This is Felix in a snowstorm
This is Felix in the age of 13 years (that corresponds to a mens age of 83!) running with Isabel in Dammkar near Mittenwald

baby dog on my shoulder
This is a Felix, two months old, first evening away from mom, and already at a party...
This is a Felix, two months old, doing his first job: look dangerous and chase away everyone who would disturb my sleep ;-)
This is a Felix, five months old, climbing the second mountain (the first he climbed with 3 Months, was the Schildenstein; ok he did not climb all the mountain, I had to carry him sometimes....)
This is Felix with his favourite girl
This is Felix in Italy
This is Felix (six months) in Svizzerland in a chalet (with Theresa Miller)
This is a Felix three months old with Moni, Wolfgang on  the Pfänder
This is a Felix again with the best of all girls

This is a Felix, who is worried about the small piece of plastic in my hands that spits flashes all the time.
"Ok, ok... I'll stay like that, you take the picture, but then don't bother me any longer..."