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Something Private - The Park

I live in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, Europe, third planet of solarsystem 0x0230B0, Milky Way (for detailed information ask somebody, who knows more about astronomy). The picture shows the park in front of my house. See the house.

the dirty details

I was born in late October 1959 in Munich, Bavaria, Germ... ok, we had this already. After a happy and wealthy youth (not really rich, but compared to raising in the sahel zone or in a south american slum the youth in Germany in the second half of the 20nd century was very comfortable) I went to school (Theresien Gymnasium) until 1979. After that I did my alternative civilian service at VIF (They have the silliest URL I ever heard of). While school I started playing keyboards in a band. This corrupted me heavily. I started thinking only about music and became a sound engineer in the end. This I did until about 1992. In 1989 I started studying political sciences, economic geography and public law at the University of Munich. I finished in 1995/96 with the degree of Magister Artium. While the university I earned my money writing articles for a german musicians magazine KEYS. 1997 I got a job at the publishing company (Geranova GmbH) in Munich, who publish print media for railway and public transport systems. 1999 I quit that job and became a software consultant at ConSol GmbH, guess where - in Munich. Here I started working in the HP-UX support. Then I changed over to manage the support team for "single point of contact"-contracts. Since five years I am responsible for the customer support of our processmanagement software ConSolCM. A very interesting job, which requires know how on Java, several databases and operating systems, second sight, shriving customers and other forms of applied psychology...
OK, why always Munich? It is quite simple: Munich is close to the Alps. And one of my favourite leisure activities is going up a mountain, in summer hiking by feet, in winter on skies. So you will find the one or other page regarding mountains.
Dogs: I always was living with a dog - either those of my grand parents, neighbours, or since 1983 my own dogs. There are pictures of dog called Felix who was living from 1996 until 2011 with me.
Pictures:Last but not least there are some miscellanous private pictures - please understand that some of them are password resctricted.


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